Our purpose is to promote self-discipline and self-motivation within every student while providing a nurturing, supportive and safe environment for all in which to confidently express themselves.  We look forward to sharing our passion for dance with all of our students, in a warm and encouraging environment.  We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, create and perform.  


Be Prepared - Be on time, in uniform with hair up before class.

Be Present - Physically and mentally. Both of these aspects will impact

                      your development as a dancer.

Be Respectful  - Of your instructors, peers, parents, the art form and the


Be Healthy  - Notify instructors immediately of any injury, illness or

                        health concerns.  Water only allowed in studio, and  

                        absolutely no nuts or gum please.    

  • Communication

            Is essential in understanding the physical and emotional needs of every student. 

            Feedback and regular communication must be executed in a positive manner. 


  • Objectivity

            Daily activity and all situations must be handled without bias.


  • Respect

             All staff, students and observers shall remain respectful to each other and to the              property of others, at all times.


  • Positivity

            All staff, students and observers are expected to communicate in a constructive                 and encouraging manner. 


  • Safety

             All students will be trained using only the safest teaching methods.