• Miss. L.

Cheers to New Adventures

Hello! Bonjour! Hola!

Welcome to Yogagé! We can't wait to officially meet you all in person!

We, my support staff, guest choreographers and teachers and I are all excited to be a part of the awesome town of Millbrook. We just wish our autocorrect would stop changing it to Hillbrook. Am I right? We are very thankful to all of our colleagues, the folks who work at the township, and of course, friends and family, within the community who have been nothing but supportive, and have facilitated this transition into studio ownership.

For me personally, the past six months have been a tremendous whirlwind of new experiences and emotions. It took an incredible amount of strength and courage, (and river of tears), to retire from my home studio, a place where I grew up, from teenage to adulthood. A place that nurtured me as a young lady, a dancer, and an educator. I am eternally grateful to have shared all of those years with such amazing people, but alas, we grow up and get married, and it's time to start some new chapters for our new family.

We appreciate everyone's patience while we are still getting up and running, still lots T's to cross and lower case i's to dot, but everyday we are closer to our goals. Looking forward to sharing our passion for the arts with you!

- Miss. Lindsay

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