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It Takes a Village

As we come to a close on our first term, we couldn't be more thrilled with all the hard work and commitment from our students and our parents. As with anything new we've had our hiccups and surprises, but, thanks to all of the support from our parents and the welcoming Millbrook community we are constantly growing and adding more classes, events and performances. So thank you Millbrook, we love it here!

We are very excited to participate in the upcoming Observation Days, showing off all we've learned, at the the Old Millbrook School open to family and friends, and Christmas in the Village events where there will be a little something for everyone. So dress warmly and wear your sensible shoes! We also are in the process of organizing a photoshoot with the fabulous Marjorie McDonald for current students. We will be sending out info and permission forms, as soon as we confirm our date. I think, however, we are most excited to announce the confirmation of our year end recital at Showplace theatre in June! Dress rehearsal and performance details will follow in the upcoming months.

Photos, Choreography, and Costumes, oh my!

Are you a business owner and want to do something out of the box? Feel free to contact us anytime. I have had the pleasure to work with several businesses in the past, performing and choreographing for corporate and promotional events, as well as, team building and social awareness activities.

Class registration is still open to all classes. Did you know we offer discounts for Chamber members? Let us know if this applies to you when you register. Don't see a class your interested in? Let us know. We understand that not everyone is in for the "full commitment", so check back frequently for our 8 week Introductory classes for children and adults. These classes will not be part of the year end recital.

On that note we're off to get our Hallowe'en playlists, and moonwalk shoes, ready for tonight's classes. Happy Ball-O-Ween!

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